Smittybilt XRC 9500 Review 2020

A winch is an essential vehicle accessory that you should have in hand, especially when going in off-road activates. At times you may find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere and far from any help. Smittybilt is among the best winch manufacturers in the market. They have a wide range of high-quality winches of different powers for different vehicle types, as you can find in the winches review.

Smittybilt 9500 XRC 97495 GEN 2 is among the most winches from this company. Off-road enthusiasts have reviewed this winch as an awesome winch, which gives you value for your money. The winch is tough, and it can haul or lift heavy objects such as stalled vehicles. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an efficient, powerful, and budget-friendly winch.

Smittybilt XRC 97495 winch will help you to recover your vehicle in case you get stuck in mud, potholes, between rocks, or any other road mishap. I will explain everything you need to know in tis Smittybilt XRC 9500 review. With this information, you will be able to make an informed decision if it is the right type of winch for your vehicle.

Smittybilt XRC 9500 Highlighted Features

The following features of Smittybilt XRC 9500 make it to outstand among other winches of the same caliber:

Smittybilt XRC 9500

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1. Performance

When this winch has no load, it has a line speed of 32.34 feet per minute. When Smittybilt XRC 9500 winch has a single layer on the drum and full load, it features a line speed of 6.23 feet per minute.

This is one of the best line speeds you will have with a winch of this type. It has a gear ratio of 161.28.1, which is quite impressive. This is a guarantee that this winch can handle the toughest job it is subjected to within its power.

2. Powerful Amphibious Motor

Smittybilt XRC 9500 winch features a series wound motor with a horsepower of 6.6. This is the highest torque you will get in the industry. The amphibious winches motor is not only powerful but waterproof.

It has an IP67 waterproof rating. With this torque, the winch is designed to handle a load capacity of 9500 pounds. The motor comes along with a versatile solenoid box of 500 Amp. The waterproof solenoid can be mounted in three positions.

3. 3-stage Gear System

The winch from Smittybilt comes with a three-stage planetary gear system that increases its line speed and pulling power. This offers the winch low vibrations and reliability.

On top of that, this feature ensures the winch has low vibrations and uniform transmission, which provide outstanding repeatability.

4. 4-way Steel Roller Fairlead

Smittybilt XRC 97495 winch is equipped with a 4-way roller fairlead. This increases the spooling rate of winch. The quality of this product has been tested and proven to guarantee top performance and durability. It is crucial to do the maintenance of the product regularly to ensure maximum performance.

5. Steel Cable

This winch comes with a steel cable featuring a hammer-forged steel hook. The steel cable is abrasion-resistant. The cable has a matte black textured finish, which is UV resistant. Therefore it does not break down or gets damaged by exposure to UV light. The steel cable is 94 feet and has a diameter of 5/16 inches.

6. Remote Control

Smittybilt XRC 97495 winch comes with wired remote control, which makes it easy for the user to operate the winch. This is one feature that increases the convenience of this winch. The remote will save you from the headaches of running the recovery operations manually.

It also enables you to keep a safe distance when operating the winch. With the wired remote, you just have to hook the winch cable to the vehicle and get going. The remote control also comes with a 12-foot lead cable which is long enough to keep you at a safe distance.

7. Inclusive Kit

Smittybilt XRC 95000 comes in an all-inclusive kit. The user does not have worries about Smittybilt winch installation since it comes with all the wiring you need. It is advisable to use the wiring that comes along with the winch for hassle-free installation.

8. Strong Make

This winch is reliable and durable since it is made of high-quality materials. The robust and strong construction gives you a guarantee that it will work for you for an extended period. Smittybilt XRC 97495 is also made in a compact and superior design.

It is among the best lightweight winches for people who want a compact unit that will not take so much space. It has a matte black finish, which makes the winch UV resistant. The locking system is made with aluminum crossbars and stainless steel. The body is also resistant to corrosion.

Smittybilt XRC 97495 Specifications
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • A 3-stage fear planetary system
  • Sliding ring gear clutch
  • Matte black finish
  • Weight of 78.0 lbs
  • Cable diameter of 5/16 inches and length of 94 feet
  • A mounting bolt pattern of 10*4.5 inches
  • Wired remote with a 12-foot lead
  • Series wound motor of 6.6 hp
  • Rated single line pull of 9500 lbs. (4,309 kgs)
  • Automatic in-drum brake
  • 4-way roller fairlead
  • 5 inches drum diameter (63.5mm)
  • Drum Length of 10 inches (254mm)
  • Height 7.4”, Width 6.3”, Length 20.88”
  • Battery leads of 22mm2, 72” (1.83m)
  • Gear ration of 161.28.1
  • Outstanding speed and pull strength
  • Has a 3 stage planetary gear
  • Has a high load capacity of 9500 lbs
  • Permanent 6.6 hp magnet motor
  • It comes with its wiring installation
  • The motor is waterproof
  • The winch is corrosion resistant
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It is UV-resistant
  • Easy to operate with remote control
  • A long cable of 94 feet
  • It is highly durable and reliable
  • 4-way roller gives a faster-spooling rate
  • The 28.1 gear ration is quite impressive
  • The controller snaps at times
  • The motor tends to overheat
  • Lacks a mounting plate


Smittybilt XRC 9500 is an awesome winch not only for the off-road driver but for any type of driver. This winch has been tested several times and proven to fulfill user satisfaction. This Smittybilt winch is made with a reliable and compact design. Its impressive pulling power will enable you to recover your vehicle from hard places. To be sure that this is the right winch for you, ensure that it is 1.5 times more powerful than the vehicle.

This Smittybilt XRC 9500 review explains the features, pros and cons of the winch. The load capacity and horsepower outperform other winches in the market. The installation process is easy since it comes with its wiring. The winch does not have a mounting place and a winch cover. However, you do not have to worry since you can upgrade it further by buying it an awesome battery, wireless remote, and winch cover.

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