Best Winches Motor Reviews 2020

A winch is one tool that will help you to recover your vehicle in case it gets stuck during your daily activities. Most of the winches in the market get their power from motors. Winch motors power the drums that spools the cable, rope or wire in a winch.  Heavy vehicles need winches with more powerful motors.

At times the motor may go bad due to overloading or submerging it in water. In this case you will be required to replace it with an aftermarket winch motor. You need to have an understanding of motors before you go on to purchase. Different motors behave differently. They have different powers, weight, functionality and price.

Therefore the type of motor you choose should be based on the kind of winch and the kind of work you will use the winch for. Having a winch is crucial, but you need to have one with the correct motor. With the different winch motor brands in the market, it can be tricky to get the right one. Below is some of the best winch motor you should consider.

Winches Motor Reviews

01. WARN 74756 Winch Motor

If you need to replace the motor of your winch, then WARN 74756 can be an ideal option. This motor comes with excellent ratings and reviews from people who have used them before. WARN 74756 is a 12-volt motor which works perfectly for Warn M1200 and M1500 winches. It can be used to replace 38894, 62545, 26629, and 26626 motors.

This motor helps you in maintenance and repairs for your motor. If the motor of your winch fails, there is no need to buy a new winch. Instead, consider this motor, which will not only fit perfectly on the winches mentioned above but also increase their performance.

The price is also quite affordable and fair, given its high performance and quality. When putting the motor in the winch, turn the winch up straight for it to line up, and the shaft will slide into place. Warn winch motor connections are also sealed with high-temperature silicone to protect it from water.

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  • It has 12 volts
  • High temp silicone protects the motor from water
  • Ideal for M12000 and M15000
  • Fits perfectly and easily on winches
  • It is high quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Does not have IP68 ratings for M15000

02.Warn 77893 Short Motor Winch Service Part

Another great replacement motor by warn is Warn 77893 Short Motor. The best thing about buying these motors is that you do not have to guess if they will fit your Warn winch or not since they come from the same company. Warn 77893 Short Motor Winch Service Part is compatible with M8000and M6000 winch models.

This Warn motor comes with a horsepower of 4.5hp. The motor can replace 25982, 86745, 25314, and 75937 motors. It can also be used to replace 62518 and 32460 motors but with some modifications. This replacement motor works exactly and some times better than the original motor of the winch.

This Warn service replacement motor is quite easy to fit in the winch. The motor’s hardware is made of plated steel. It also comes with a combination of 8mm metric cable terminals and case mounting bolts of ¼”. The case paint is dark brown, which gives the motor a gorgeous look.

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  • Have a 4.5bp horsepower
  • Compatible with M6000 and M8000
  • Hardware is made of stainless steel
  • Have 8mm metric cable terminals
  • Comes with 1/4 inches case mounting bolts
  • Looks and works like the original motor
  • The replacement process is straightforward
  • Fasteners may corrode in the long run

03. DB Electrical LRW0005 New Winch Motor

DB Electrical is a well-known company for its high-quality aftermarket parts for every size and shape of vehicles, which ranges from boats, ATVs, cars, and motorcycles. DB Electrical LRW0005 is a 100% new aftermarket motor designed to perform and meet the OEM specifications.

This motor can be used to replace W-5623, Mx6085, M8000, Mx8000, Xd9000i, Xd9000, MRVB4, and MRVB5 motors, among others. This high-performance motor is powerful enough to pull high weight vehicles. DB works closely with factories that manufacture their parts to ensure maximum quality. The motor is sold at exceptionally fairly prices since they are no middlemen.

It is made for 12V warn motors. DB Electrical LRW0005 is a 3-post motor featuring a splined shaft with 20 splines. It is a bidirectional motor. This motor is ideal for warn winches and many winches from other manufacturers. When fixing the motor, you need to remove the old bearing on the upper casing.

The winch motor has its own bearing on the shaft. This bearing will seat as you hit the motor from the side. It also has two extra cords located at the bottom of the motor for thermal protection. However, if your winch does not have, then you can cut them off and seal it with silicon. The RPM of the motor is dependent on the load.

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  • Complete new aftermarket motor
  • Have two wires for thermal protection
  • It meets OEM specifications
  • Voltage of 12v
  • Has bidirectional rotation
  • It’s a 3-post motor
  • Comes with a splined shaft of 20 splines
  • Affordable price
  • A little hard to install
  • Spline shaft a little too long

04. WARN 77892 Winch Motor

The best way to replace your winch motor is through the original. This is another warn aftermarket motor, which you can use it on your winch without a doubt if it fits or not. WARN 77892 is manufactured and designed to serve you even in the extreme conditions.

It is one of the best lightweight and portable winch motors in the market. It is also known for its durability. This Warn motor can also be used for welding and one-piece construction. This Warn motor comes with not only high performance but also at an affordable price.

This motor fits perfectly with old Warn XD9000i winch models. The best thing about the motor is that you will not have to struggle when fitting into your Warn winch since the same company makes it.

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  • It is durable
  • The motor is lightweight and portable
  • Fits perfectly and easily to warn winches
  • It is inexpensive
  • Can be used for one-piece construction and welding
  • Able to serve in extreme conditions
  • No Cons

05. WARN 68608 Winch Motor

WARN 68608 is a replacement service motor designed for the Warn 9.5xp winch. Warn 9.5xp winch is a heavy-duty winch for serious off-roaders, and this needs a powerful motor. It comes with a pulling power of 9,500 pounds.

This replacement motor will keep your winch operating well for years after its original motor spoils. The motor will also fit perfectly in M12000, Xp8274, M8000, and Xd9000 Warn winches. WARN 68608 winch motor is well packaged with a strong and compact box to protect the exposed shaft.

It also has a plastic bracket that holds the brushes, cup, and motor together during transportation. This motor is factory new and quite easy to install. It is powerful, stronger, and runs faster than the winch original motor. Although it is a powerful motor, it is also quiet.

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  • It is factory new
  • Easy and fast to fix
  • It is quiet when running
  • It is faster and stronger than the original
  • It is quite powerful
  • Comes without instructions

06. DB Electrical LPL0015 Pump Motor

This is another aftermarket heavy-duty motor for winches. DB Electrical LPL0015 Pump Motor is a 12 volt Warn winch with bidirectional rotation. It is a with post-motor which features a keyed shaft. The motor can be used to Warn and winches from other manufacturers. The diameter of the shaft is 669 inches.

DB Electrical LPL0015 motor has a winch motor rpm of 2100 and 4.5 horsepower. It replaces various types of motors which include Warn 7536, MBJ4401S, MBJ4401, M3600, 46-2282, W8941, 8796, and 8274 motors. This motor is completely new, and it is made to meet OEM specifications. The motor also comes at a budget-friendly price.

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  • Has a bidirectional rotation
  • 100% factory new
  • It’s a 3-post motor
  • The shaft diameter is 669 inches
  • Has a 2100rpm and 4.5 horsepower
  • Comes with a keyed shaft
  • Replaces a huge range of motors
  • A little difficult to fit in 8274

07. WARN 900548 12 Volt SACO Motor

WARN 900548 12 Volt SACO is among the best 12-volt service replacement motors for winches. This motor is ideal for replacing VR8000, Tabor 12K and Tabor 9K winches. This motor is highly powerful for heavy-duty winches. Since Warn manufacturers make the motor, it fits perfectly to these winches. The winch has a weight of 13 pounds.

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  • High-quality replacement motor
  • Ideal for VR8000, Tabor 12K and Tabor 9K winches
  • Powerful and works faster
  • The motor is durable
  • It is easy to install in the winch
  • Comes without instructions

08. WARN 68898 12-Volts Replacement Motor

When working on a budget WARN 68898 12-Volts Replacement motor is the ideal choice. Apart from its budget, friendly prices will offer you the best quality in winch performance. This replacement motor works perfectly for Warn 4.0ci UTV winch model.

The motor weighs 6.3 pounds thus lightweight and easily portable. This motor is easy to swap to your winch. It also increases the durability of your winch to last for more years. This motor does not challenge to fit into the winch and works better and smoother than the original motor.

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  • Operates smoothly and fast
  • The swap process is easy
  • It fits perfectly to winches
  • Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes without guidelines

Winchs Motor (FAQs)

Q. What is the Winch Motor?

A motor is a unit which converts battery energy to mechanical energy, which is rotation. A winch motor is, therefore, a part of a winch that powers the chain, rope, or cable. In hydraulic, air, and electrical winches, winch motors are is used to power the winch and also powering ropes, chains, and cables off or out of the winch. The power of the motor depends on their tasks. Manufacturing plants need high electric voltage motors while automobiles use around 12-volt motors.

Q. What Strength Winch Do I Need?

The strength of your winch will depend on how heavy the load you intend to pull is. The strength of the motor mainly decides the lifting or pulling capacity of a winch. The winch pulling capacity should be 1.5 times more than the gross weight of your vehicle or load.

If your vehicle has a lot of weight, such as trucks and jeeps, then you will need a highly powerful winch. However, if you are using small vehicles, the winch does not have to be very powerful. Therefore, the answer to the strength of winch you require is dependent on the type and weight of your vehicle.

Q. How Do You Test a 12v Winch Solenoid?

When testing a solenoid, you need to remove it first. The advantage of removing it is for you to have a chance to clean it, and also, they make sure that all connections are well fitted when putting it back. After then follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the contacts in the solenoid are not stuck
  • Connect your multimeter on the settings of the ohms between the large stands. There should be infinite resistance reading or an open circuit.
  • Connect a jumper from the small terminal to the negative terminal on the battery
  • Connect another wire from the other small terminal to the positive terminal on the battery
  • When the solenoid clicks it means that the two contacts have met and it now live
  • Connect the multimeter to the large stands when the solenoid is live. The resistance this time should be reading 0 Ohms.

If, by any chance, the voltmeter test reads 12 volts, then it means that the solenoid has a problem. It is recommendable to do replacement of solenoids in pairs since if one is faulty, then the other one is almost failing. You can, therefore, keep the other one functioning solenoid as a spare.

Q. Why Does a Winch Need a Solenoid?

A winch solenoid is a part of the winch which activates the motor on a car-mounted winch. It is an electromagnetic switch activated when the current from the battery moves the solenoid after pressing the activation switch.

The solenoid supplies the required current without causing damage to the winch switch or winch motor. It is designed to withstand high electricity draw, which is required to crank the winch. A winch features two solenoids for reverse and forward. However, strong winches have four solenoids.

PS654 Winch Motor Test YouTube Video

Final Words

A winch is made of a cable and motorized spool. A winch will save you from strenuous activities when towing or reeling your vehicle. Your motor may get destroyed after many years of use or due to other factors like water. Instead of getting another winch, it would be more prudent to buy a motor. The above are some of the best winch motors you can get in the market. Most of these motors are fit for a variety of winches. It is, however, crucial to ensure you know the exact specifications before the purchase, especially if the winch and aftermarket motor are not from the same manufacturer.

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